Progress in 2013

At the end of the year we take the most common path. Reminisce our accomplishments and realize where we fell short. I have a short list of highlights for 2012 but not enough to say it was a fabulous year for me. 2012 was definitely a working year – or in other words, a development year. Time taken to work hard and get to a certain point where I can get right back on track.

I changed jobs, twice. Going in between jobs is always difficult. There are lots of risks involved for both parties and sometimes they don’t work out. Fortunately, I am at a good employer right now. There are many talented individuals with whom I know I will grow professionally.

A new position with new challenges was the biggest change for me. For a long time I held the role of a system administrator. Now I have migrated to an IT Manager role with expanded responsibilities. I haven’t left the technical side. The difference is now I am working with budgets, management, etc. The transition has been smooth for me and I can say that I am learning a lot already.

I passed the CCNA Security certification by the end of the year. This year I haven’t focused on acquiring new certifications. I took a break from rigorous studying and opted to learn as needed for the job.

Forward Progress

In 2013 I hope to move forward and progress in my career. 2013 is going to be different in a way that I am not focusing on goals. Instead I will be gauging my progress. I have identified a few areas I’d like to work on and improve.


I’ve had this blog since 2011. In 2012 I only published 24 posts. Not as many posts as I’d hope to publish but I hope to improve that in 2013. The main focus point will be on the quality of the content. It won’t be an easy task. But hopefully with time my blog posts will get better. In addition to more blog posts I also hope to see my writing skills increase.

Tackling the CCNP

In November 2011 I had failed the CCNP ROUTE exam. It was one of the toughest exams I have sat in for. A whole year went by until I passed my next certification, the CCNA Security. For the past few weeks I have been studying for ROUTE again. In Q2 of 2013 my goal is to pass that exam and move forward with CCNP R&S – SWITCH and TSHOOT. With a new study routine, more labs, and more dedication I plan to conquer the CCNP.


Do you ever purchase books only to have them collect dust on the shelf? That’s what my poor Python book is doing. 2013 is the year to begin scripting. I’ve avoided it long enough. Python 101 here I come!

More Linux

My environments have mostly been dominated by Microsoft Windows. That’s changing now. Linux has always been one of those things where I know enough to be dangerous. But with tools such as Nagios and Cacti, I’d like to know how to use them to their full potential.

My Thoughts

I don’t want to fall into the trap of setting expectations but never following through. Many of us will do this for the new year but forget about them within 3 months. I’m going to touch back on my progress every quarter to see where I am at. So we’ll see where I will be at the end of 2013. One thing is for sure – my knowledge will have grown tremendously.

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