Configuring a Hostname of a Cisco Switch

Cisco Catalyst 2960XAre you just starting to study for the CCNA ICND1 certification? One of the objectives of the certification is to configure the hostname of a switch.

During the setup of a Cisco switch there is one configuration command that sets the hostname. The following commands were performed on a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch.

Configure a Switch Hostname

From User EXEC mode, the device name will be part of the prompt which right now is just Router. To change the hostname of the router we need to enter User EXEC mode and then into Privileged EXEC mode.

Switch#configure terminal

Now that we are in Global Configuration Mode, we issue the hostname command followed by the name we want to give this router and hit Enter.

Switch(config)#hostname Core-Switch-A

Notice after you hit Enter, the prompt changes to the hostname you just configured. The change gets put into the running-config. To save the changes you make the running-config must be saved to the startup-config.

The syntax is as follows hostname device-nameContinue Reading…

How To Install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu Linux

Packet Tracer is a great simulator for practicing your knowledge with an end goal of obtaining a CCNA certification. It’s a great way to get started if there is limited access to physical hardware, resourceful for testing out scenarios and practicing at your own time, any time.

To obtain Packet Tracer you must be a member of the Cisco Network Academy. In this blog post I will show you how to install Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 for Ubuntu linux.

First step is to download Packet Tracer from Cisco Network Academy. To get access you must be a NetAcad student. The link will be listed under Resources. Look for the student version which is a fairly large file size.

Downloading Packet Tracer 6.2 for Ubuntu

When you find the version you’ll be sent to a new page. Right underneath the title of the download is the actual download button. Save this to your desktop.

Click the blue Download button.

Packet Tracer is downloaded to your desktop in a compressed package.

Save the compressed file to your Desktop.

File is located on the desktop.

Open the package to reveal the contents. Using the GUI, double click on the Cisco Packet Tracer file to open it.Continue Reading…

Can This Tool Replace Your Console Cable? An Airconsole Review

In this post I am reviewing the Airconsole 2.0 Standard serial adapter which allows you ditch the console cable and connect to your switches and routers wirelessly using the console port for out-of-band management.

TL;DR – Airconsole review = two thumb up.

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Airconsole connected to switch.

Airconsole with Bluetooth adapter.

Do you know how old the DB9 connector is? After all the technology advances we still use a console cable (RJ45 to DB9) to configure our switches and routers. For years we’ve been holding on to console cables in our bags.

I had once misconfigured a switch and had to console into it to fix my mishap. Unfortunately, the switch was at the top of a 52u rack. I’m 5’6” and that rack is 8 feet tall. I was able to connect the console cable but it was too short, making me stand while holding the laptop in one hand and typing with the other.

That’s one example where the Airconsole 2.0 gives the flexibility and ease of being able to use a console connection wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy or Wifi. It eliminates loose dangling cables and the large cost of console servers. At home, I can finally move my lab out of the living room and into the garage.

Why Airconsole?

  • It’s convenient.
  • Eliminates cables.
  • Airconsole offers 4 port USB to serial cable kit that can act as an inexpensive console server.

Continue Reading…