Gathering Wireless Design Requirements

Blank NotebookThis is a 3-part series on successful wireless deployments. You’re reading Part I – Gathering Wireless Design Requirements.

Part II – Performing a Wireless Site Survey
Part III – Validating a Wireless Deployment

Wireless has become an expected service. We expect it to work reliably all the time. With mobile vendors imposing strict data maximums, everyone’s first choice is to hop on the strongest wireless signal.

Cisco has recently forecasted Wi-Fi and mobile devices to account for 53% of IP traffic. Research conducted by Mobidia indicates users of iPhones consumed 8.9GB of Wi-Fi data every month in Q3 of 2014.

These numbers show how much we’ve transitioned from wired to wireless. And what I’m alluding to is how we, as wireless engineers, need to design better, more resilient, wireless networks.

How do we do that? First step to any design or implementation is gathering requirements. Yes that means talking to end users and clients. But stay with me here. I will outline as much information as I can.

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Ask and Listen

This is the part where you shut up and take notes. Listening is absolutely key here. You should be prepared with a list of questions.Continue Reading…

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