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OSX and USB to Serial Console Cables

OSX and USB to Serial Console Cables

USB to Serial console cableFor the better part of my IT career I have mostly been a PC user. When using a USB to Serial Console cable it was as easy as buying one from a trustworthy vendor and installing the drivers. From there you just had to launch Putty and tell it to use Console.

Then when I moved over to OSX, it wasn’t as simple. I had to use the CLI to get it working!

I came across Greg Ferro’s, Serial Console on OSX.

Do you seriously have to list the directory contents of /dev/tty and look for your USB to serial adapter. Yep.

rowelldionicio$ ls -l /dev/tty.*
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel   18,   0 May 10 20:42 /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel   18,   2 May 10 20:42 /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Modem
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel   18,   8 May 14 09:53 /dev/tty.KeySerial1
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel   18,  10 May 14 09:53 /dev/tty.USA19H141P1.1

There it is.. /dev/tty.USA19H141P1.1

Okay great.. now every time I want to use it I have to type in the following command:

screen /dev/tty.USA19H141P1.1

Then to exit you have to use the keyboard sequence control-A, then control-

Yeah.. I hate that.

I created an alias for something much easier. All you have to remember is the alias and the exit sequence. You want to perform the exit sequence to exit out of screen so you don’t leave a session alive.

cd ~
vi .bash_profile
alias con='screen /dev/tty.USA19H141P1.1'

Save and exit. Be sure to replace anything after tty. to whatever is displayed for your USB to serial cable.

Exit out of shell and reopen a new session. Whenever I want to use my USB to serial cable all I have to type in is:


The cable I use with my Mac is Keyspan by Tripp lite USA-19HS.

Winners of the CCNA R&S Library Giveaway

I’m happy to announce the following winners of the CCNA R&S Library Giveaway:

  • Timothy Woloszyn
  • Garrett Dumas
  • Jeffrey Plezia
  • Brandon Jones
  • Casey Davidson

I will be making contact with each individual this week to confirm shipping addresses. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Throwback Thursday: Cisco Logo

Did you know the founders of Cisco were inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge to create Cisco’s logo. Cisco’s name is also derived from San Francisco.

Here’s a bit of history on Cisco’s blog,

According to John Morgridge, Cisco’s former CEO, the founders hit on the name and logo while driving to Sacramento to register the company — they saw the Golden Gate Bridge framed in the sunlight and that’s how our Cisco logo was born. They hoped the logo would shape the future, “convey something about creating an authentic life and making a living at something you believe in, in a place you love, with people you really like to be with”.


San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge


Cisco Logo